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Etiquette and Safety Reminders

The curling season is less than a week away, and while you’re getting out your brushes, we wanted to brush up everyone’s safety knowledge. Safety First All ice techs and rink staff are first aid certified. If there is an accident on the ice, please notify the nearest member of staff immediately. If you need to call 999 first, please go ahead and do ... More

Curling Memorabilia Sale & Auction, Nov 18

Hosted by Carrington Curling Club Sunday, November 18, 2018, from 1 p.m. Auction at 3 p.m. Browse the Sale General sales of smaller items, such as books, badges, pictures, posters, and programmes will start at 1 p.m. The auction of special interest items will begin at 3 p.m. There will be items priced to suit all budgets. Proceeds will benefit ... More

Cooling Floor Concrete Has Been Poured

We’re delighted to have reached one of the major milestones of this summer’s renovation. The cooling floor has been poured! It’s now covered in plastic for a few weeks as part of the curing process – while lots of other work happens around it. You can watch a time lapse of the process below: A total of 14.5 miles of pipe were installed in the ... More

Renovation Update: In with the New

The removal phase is over and we're on to installing the new floor. Before we could start, core samples were taken from the foundation. To our delight, the report came back positive! While the upper layers were in very poor condition, the foundation was solid. That means we did not have to replace the foundation, which was a big unknown going into this ... More

37 Club Raise Glasses to Raise Funds

Despite the inauspicious date, the 37 Club held a very successful whisky-tasting event on Friday, April 13 to raise funds for the ice rink project. Although a high proportion of 37 Club members have already contributed individually, the Club wanted to do more – both to help secure good curling at Murrayfield and to acknowledge the huge effort those ... More

Renovation Update: Removing the Old Floor

Progress is well underway in the curling rink! So far, the ice, floor, insulation, and heat pad have all been removed. A few photos from the work so far are below. You can see regular updates on our Facebook page (you don't need a Facebook account to see the photos or watch the time lapse videos). More

2017/2018 Half Century Winner

Congratulations to Team Dignan on winning the 2017/2018 Half Century League! Team Hunter claimed second place, with Team Brown coming in third. The full results are below. More

March 1K Club Winners

Congratulations to March 1K Club winners! First prize goes to Allan Smith of the Vets. Second prize goes to David Gillespie of Penicuik; third prize goes to Phil Wheeler of the Royal Bank of Scotland. This year’s 1K Club raised £1,500 towards the ECC cash reserves – and the upcoming renovation project. The 1K club is a monthly prize draw open ... More

Murrayfield Claims Second in Pairs Championship

Congratulations to Murrayfield curlers Niall Gunn and Nigel Patrick! The duo claimed second in the 2018 Scottish Curling Pairs Championship at Stranraer Ice Rink on March 16-18. The team lost their first game but won the following three to finish at the top of the group stage. They faced down the 2017 champions William Smith and Wallace Gilbert from ... More

Congratulations 2018 Crabbie Trophy Winners!

The winning team was ESMS and included a combination of students from Mary Erskine School and Stewart's Melville College. The second and third place teams came from several different schools and played under the banner of Murrayfield Academy. Well done competitors, parents, and coaches! More