Goldline Quantum X Curling Shoes


Every so often, an idea is launched that defies convention, pushes through barriers, and extends performance advantages previously unavailable. Introducing the revolutionary Quantum Curling Shoe!

Quantum Shoes come with a set of upgraded TPR rubber gripper discs for optimal traction.

Now at £75

Slider disks are provided at a discounted when buying a new pair of Quantum shoes only. 

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The Quantum X shoe has now been reduced to £75 (excluding disks and gripper).

The Quantum integrated design system (I.D.S.) leaves behind the use of an adhesive to attach a slider and gripper to the sole of the shoe. The adhesive bond has been the standard for generations, however, in addition to delaminating problems, it has bound us to Teflon* as the only material that could be used as a slider. The Quantum employs an innovative mechanical attachment system wherein slider and gripper “disks” are snapped into strategically positioned receptacles in the sole.

Change the speed or have a shoe with grippers in the rear and sliders in the front – everything is possible.
Lefthanders are ready to go as well.
Shoes come with one set of gripper discs.

Please select from slider discs from drop down menu, there are 4 speed ratings available.


Speed Rating Material Equivalent to Appropriate for
Speed 3 Polyethylene 1/16″ Teflon Novice / First time curlers
Speed 7 Poly-Ice 3/32″ (medium) Teflon Average / Intermediate curlers
Speed 10 Poly-Ice 3/16″ (thick) Teflon Accomplished / Experienced curlers
Speed 12 Stainless Steel Faster than any Teflon Experienced / Elite

This shoe has been discontinued so available while stocks last.


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