Goldline Quantum Z Curling Shoes


Now at £75

Every so often, an idea is launched that defies convention, pushes through barriers, and extends performance advantages previously unavailable. Introducing the revolutionary Quantum Curling Shoe!

Quantum Shoes come with a set of upgraded TPR rubber gripper discs for optimal traction.

Slider disks are provided at a discounted when buying a new pair of Quantum shoes only. 

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The Quantum Z shoe has now been reduced to £75 (excluding disks and gripper). 

The Quantum integrated design system (I.D.S.) leaves behind the use of an adhesive to attach a slider and gripper to the sole of the shoe. The adhesive bond has been the standard for generations, however, in addition to delaminating problems, it has bound us to Teflon* as the only material that could be used as a slider. The Quantum employs an innovative mechanical attachment system wherein slider and gripper “disks� are snapped into strategically positioned receptacles in the sole.

Change the speed or have a shoe with grippers in the rear and sliders in the front – everything is possible.
Lefthanders are ready to go as well.
Shoes come with one set of gripper discs.

Please select from slider discs from drop down menu, there are 4 speed ratings available.

Speed Rating Material Equivalent to Appropriate for
Speed 3 Polyethylene 1/16″ Teflon Novice / First time curlers
Speed 7 Poly-Ice 3/32″ (medium) Teflon Average / Intermediate curlers
Speed 10 Poly-Ice 3/16″ (thick) Teflon Accomplished / Experienced curlers
Speed 12 Stainless Steel Faster than any Teflon Experienced / Elite

This product has been discontinued so limited stock available

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