Becoming a curler

Regardless of your age and ability, we can teach you how to play curling, understand the rules, and enjoy regular games. We have a proven pathway where beginners can have fun developing their skills together by taking part in relaxed coaching sessions and games. We’ll also provide opportunities for you to meet the many clubs that regularly play at Curl Edinburgh, so you can make an informed choice about which ones would suit you for future seasons.

Step 1) No experience?

A public Try Curling session or private Group Experience is the perfect starting point: These will teach you the very basics before putting you into a real game. for people who have never been on curling ice. Within a small group, our qualified coaches will welcome everyone onto the ice and get you feeling comfortable (it’s not as slippy as wet outdoor ice). You’ll be taught how to sweep so you get warmed up and feel safe. Then you’ll have fun taking turns learning how to slide and deliver a stone. Once everyone has the basics your coach will guide you through a real game for the authentic curling experience.

Step 2) Ready to learn more?

Our Beginners Course builds upon those basics, helping you to improve your slide, balance, and accuracy. It consists of two sessions, usually a week or two apart, each mixing specific coaching with more game play. By the end of the two sessions most people can confidently slide and deliver a stone, understand common rules, and are keen for more curling. After completing the Beginners Course you’ll be entitled to a complimentary session with our friendly New Stones beginners club.

Step 3) Developing?

Joining our New Stones beginners club is the next logical step. Everyone who has completed a Beginners Course is welcome to join and stay for the next 2 seasons. This time limit ensures the club remains exclusively for beginners, while allowing plenty time to develop your skills, confidence, and meet other beginners that you might want to join another club or form a team with. You are welcome (and in fact encouraged) to consider joining other clubs as soon as you want to, whether that’s after 2 years with New Stones or before you’ve ever stepped foot on the ice.

Further Assistance?

Anyone, regardless of experience, can also book private coaching sessions to develop specific curling skills. Whether it’s to improve your delivery, try using a stabiliser or cue, become a more efficient sweeper, or to learn more about tactics – it’s up to you. Simply contact us with what you’re looking to achieve, suitable dates/times, and we’ll get you booked.