Becoming a curler

Regardless of your age and ability, we can teach you how to play curling, understand the rules, and enjoy regular games. We have a proven pathway where beginners can have fun developing their skills together by taking part in relaxed coaching sessions and games. We’ll also provide opportunities for you to meet the many clubs that regularly play at Curl Edinburgh, so you can make an informed choice about which ones would suit you for future seasons.

Just want to say you’ve tried curling?

A public Try Curling session or private Group Experience is perfect: These one-off sessions teach the very basics before finishing with some fun game play. A certified coach will meet participants (maximum of 8 per sheet/lane of ice) and explain the basics before taking you onto the ice. You’ll share plenty of laughs learning how to sweep, which is harder than you might imagine! And you’ll take turns learning how to deliver the stones. Once everyone has mastered the basics your coach will guide you through some authentic game play to put your new skills to the test. Afterwards, please feel welcome to enjoy a traditional post-game drink in the warmth of our upstairs bar and watch the next session going on.

Want to develop curling as a new hobby?

Our revamped Become A Curler Beginner Course will take people from complete novices to enthusiastic new curlers within just 4 weekly sessions. The first session will teach all participants the very basics of how to play, while the sessions that follow will enhance your skills and knowledge. By the end of the four sessions you will be confidently delivering stones & sweeping, have a good understanding of the common rules and etiquette, and be keen to join a club (or clubs) for regular curling.


Our New Stones beginners club is for people in their first two seasons of curling. It offers a number of stand-alone New Stones sessions throughout the curling season where a qualified coach will focus on particular topics to help participants learn and develop. As part of New Stones there is a Beginner League for you to enjoy competitive games alongside players of similar experience, and we aim to arrange friendlies with other clubs so that you can meet their members and find who you might want to join for more games.

Further Assistance?

Anyone, regardless of experience, can also book private coaching sessions to develop specific curling skills. Whether it’s to improve your delivery, try using a stabiliser or cue, become a more efficient sweeper, or to learn more about tactics – it’s up to you. Simply contact us with what you’re looking to achieve, suitable dates/times, and we’ll get you booked.