Try Curling

Why try curling?

Any age or ability are welcome. Children as young as 8 are out on the ice alongside veterans in their 80s and beyond! The sport is also very inclusive, with clubs for wheelchair users and the visually-impaired, as well as the newly-developed British Sign Language for curling. For those with mobility issues, Delivery Sticks allow stones to be delivered comfortably from a standing position or from a wheelchair.

It’s a great way to be active and exercise. Curling may look like a slow game, but you will be constantly moving up and down the ice for 2 hours, and the sweeping can be a lot more physical than you’d imagine!

Make new friends and join a community. Curling may be a competitive sport, but it’s also incredibly social. The ice is a great place to spend quality time with friends and family as well as to meet new people. Plus it’s tradition to join your opponent for a drink and chat after the game!

Join a Try Curling Session

Try Curling sessions provide a great taster to the sport with an introduction to the basics of how to play as well as teaching about the rules.

Sessions are held regularly throughout the curling season (September – March), and last approximately 2 to 2.5 hours. Try Curling sessions cost £10 per person, and are perfect for individuals or small groups (subject to spaces). Please note that larger groups of 8 or more should book a Group Curling Experience.

Participants will get comfortable on the ice, be introduced to the basic rules of curling, and learn how to deliver a stone as well as sweep.

Families and small groups are welcome. 

All equipment is supplied including brushes, sliders, and delivery sticks if required. All you need is warm, loose fitting clothing and to bring a spare pair of clean, flat, rubber-soled shoes to change into once after arriving in the ice hall.

Questions about Try Curling? Please contact us.

Beginners Course

Ready to spend more time on the ice? Join one of our Beginners Courses. The Beginners Course is open to total beginner curlers, as well as those who have attended a Try Curling or group session.

The course includes two sessions on the ice with an experienced coach. In the first session, you will grasp your skills for delivering a curling stone, sweeping effectively, and understanding the basic rules. The second session will focus on developing your skills and learning how to use them in a game.

After this you will be perfectly suited for joining our Beginners Club – New Stones. Your Beginners Course fee even provides complimentary access to a New Stones session. It’s the perfect opportunity to meet more new curlers, develop a taste for club curling within a very supportive environment, and put your new knowledge to the test!


Join a Beginners Course

New Stones Club

The New Stones Club is aimed at individuals of all ages who have recently started curling or are in their first two seasons of curling.

The aim is to provide regular coaching and practice sessions where members of similar ability levels can get together to improve their skills and build their confidence on the ice and playing as a team.

The New Stones is a way to expand your knowledge and experience, with the goal of joining a regular club or league.

All sessions are supervised by an experienced coach and cost £10 per person. Sessions are typically in the evening on weekdays.

Join a New Stones session on the Edinburgh Curling School website or email for more information and booking. Please note that regular New Stones Club attendees must be members of Edinburgh Curling Club.

Join the New Stones

Ready to graduate from the New Stones and join a club? Contact us or visit our Find a Club page for more information.