Try Curling

Why Try Curling?

Not only is curling Scotland’s traditional winter sport, but it is also a popular feature of the Winter Olympics & Paralympics. While all the sweeping and shouting may seem highly competitive, curling is actually an incredibly friendly sport suitable for everyone. Those with impaired mobility can use a Cue to deliver their stones without bending down to slide. There are also adapted versions of the sport for wheelchair users, the visually-impaired, and British Sign Language users. At Curl Edinburgh we have a diverse membership of curlers from across central Scotland and the Borders, ranging in age from 8 to 80+.

There are more than 90 clubs who play here regularly, most (if not all) of whom will warmly welcome new members and help beginners to develop their skills. Not only is the ice a social place to be, but a great tradition of the game is for teams to retire to the bar for a drink with their opponent after the game.

Interested? Let’s get you on the ice

Our Try Curling sessions are the perfect commitment-free taster of the sport. For only £10/person you get roughly a 2 hour session with a qualified coach and all equipment provided. The only thing you need to bring is a spare pair of spotlessly clean rubber-soled trainers for wearing on the ice. You will be part of a group of up to 8 participants, and learn all the basics before splitting into 2 teams for an authentic playing experience.

If you enjoy Try Curling, our Beginners Course followed by the New Stones beginners club are the next logical steps – but if you wish, feel free to join any of the other clubs based here!

Join a Try Curling Session

Dates for the 2020/21 season are yet to be announced, but sessions will be held regularly throughout our curling season (usually mid-September to early April). Try Curling is perfect for individuals and small groups (subject to availability). Groups larger than 4 people should enquire about our Group Experiences.

All you need is to wear layers of warm loose clothing and bring a spare pair of clean rubber-soled trainers to change into after arriving in the ice hall. We will supply all the specialist equipment you require.

Any questions? Please contact us.