Step 2 – Beginners Course

After enjoying a Try Curling or Group Experience session, are you now looking for more curling? Then our Beginners Course is perfect for you! The course includes two sessions on the ice with a qualified coach, who will further develop your skills and knowledge. Upon completion you will be entitled to a complimentary session with our New Stones beginners club, which is only open to curlers who have completed the Beginners Course and have less than two years experience.

Course Format

The course is run over 2 sessions:

  • Session 1 is designed to help you stay safe on the ice, develop your delivery & sweeping skills, and improve your basic understanding of the rules.
  • Session 2 will build upon that so you can confidently play proper games by the end.
  • Session 3 is a complimentary session (at a date that suits you) with our beginners club, New Stones. Under guidance from a qualified coach, you will experience a mix of coaching and game play. These are friendly informal sessions, designed to help participants focus on what they want to develop. It’s the perfect place to meet other new curlers and develop a taste for traditional club curling.

The total cost is £50 per person, which includes all the ice and coaching fees.


Never been on the ice before? Visit our Try Curling page for your first steps onto the ice.

Questions about the Beginners Course? Please contact us.