Step 2 – Beginners Course

Would you like to develop curling as a new hobby?

Our revamped Become A Curler Beginner Course will take people from complete novices to enthusiastic new curlers within just 4 weekly sessions. The first session will teach all participants the very basics of how to play, while the sessions that follow will enhance your skills and knowledge. By the end of the four sessions you will be confidently delivering stones & sweeping, have a good understanding of the common rules and etiquette, and be keen to join a club (or clubs) for more curling.

After the 4 week block you’ll be invited to join our New Stones beginner club and offered the chance to play in our Beginner League, as well as get details about joining any of the other 80+ clubs based at Curl Edinburgh for regular club games.

Course Format

The course is run over 4 weekly sessions:

  • Session 1 will introduce you to the sport and some safety tips before teaching you the very basics of how play.
  • Sessions 2 & 3 will take you through various stages to develop your skills and knowledge to make you a better and more confident curler.
  • Session 4 will conclude the block with a refresher, game play, and information about next steps.

Beyond these 4 sessions there is no commitment for you to continue in the sport, but we hope that you will have enjoyed the experience so far and will be keen to join our New Stones beginner club (or any other curling clubs to continue your new hobby).

Questions about the Beginners Course? Please contact us.