Sellar Trophy

High Road sponsored by SXP Designs

Low Road sponsored by Laurence Smith & Sons (Edinburgh) Limited, Wines & Spirits

The 2019/2020 Sellar Trophy took place at Curl Edinburgh on:

  • Tuesday 28 January 2020, and,
  • Wednesday 29 January 2020.

This ladies event is a 14 team Schenkel, with all teams guaranteed 3 games.

The price per team was £185, which covered all games and lunch on Tuesday 28th.

The closing date for entries was 3 January 2020.

Sellar Trophy past winners

2020/21Not played (Covid-19 pandemic)
2020 High RoadAnn-Maree DavidsonLiz PaulMargaret CairnsAnne Hewitt
2020 Low RoadChristine HamiltonChristine SmellieSheila ArkleyJean Brash
2019 High RoadBetty GibbRowena StevenKirsty GallowayMargaret Nicol
2019 Low RoadAnn-Maree DavidsonLiz PaulMargaret CairnsAnne Hewitt
2018 High RoadJune SwanWendy HendersonMargaret RobertsonVenetia Scott
2018 Low RoadMarjorie KiddSheila MillerSheila NicolPam Williamson
2017 High RoadMaggie BarryR AddinalA AndersonB Gibb
2017 Low RoadValerie Inglis
2016 High RoadM RobertsonW HendersonV ScottL Cullen
2016 Low Road
2015 High RoadA-M DavidsonE PaulM CairnsA Hewitt
2015 Low Road
2014 High RoadJ RobertsonF De VriesL McKerrowH Niven
2014 Low Road
2013 High RoadJ RobertsonF De VriesA WilcoxE McCulloch
2013 Low Road