Group Experiences

You’ve seen curling at the Winter Olympics, now come and try curling yourself!

Curling is the ideal group activity, suitable for everyone aged 8 to over 80. We regularly host companies, team building events, friends, families, stag/hen/birthday parties, and more. The rules are adaptable so that people of all ages and abilities can enjoy learning to play together. Our Group Experience packages are hosted by qualified coaches who will teach you the basics, get you playing, and ensure plenty of laughs throughout. The only thing participants need to bring is a spare pair of spotlessly clean rubber-soled trainers for wearing on the ice. We will provide all the specialist curling equipment.

We have plenty of free on-site car parking, are easily accessed from both Edinburgh city centre (east) or the airport (west). More information about travel and directions can be found here. You are also very welcome to make use of our newly renovated clubrooms for socialising and food/drink before or after your session.

Interested? Read more details below and complete the enquiry form at the bottom.

Group sizes

Note that where the booking is made by or on behalf of a business, VAT will be charged on the prices quoted.

Number of participantsSheets (lanes) requiredOn ice durationCost
1-411 hour£135
1-811h 55mins£265
9-1621h 55mins£530
17-2431h 55mins£795
More than 24email to discuss

Our group packages are sold on a ‘per sheet’ basis (a sheet of ice is like a lane in bowling) with a maximum capacity of 8 participants per sheet. If your group has more than 8 participants you will need additional sheets of ice to accommodate your entire group (for example two sheets for 9-16 people, or three sheets for 17-24 people).

We can host 1-4 participants within a 1 hour session, as that is enough time for 4 people to learn the basics and sample some game play, but larger groups require more time to get everyone through the basics and therefore require the full 1h55 session in order to guarantee a decent amount of time for game play too.

For safety and insurance purposes, all participants must be at least 8 years old, and groups cannot swap participants on and off the ice during a session.

Session Times (2023/24 season – finishing 30th March 2024)

Session 1
Session 2
Session 3
Session 4
(early evening)
Session 5
(late evening)
Mon-Fri0930-1125 or
1145-1340 or
1430-1625 or
1730-1925 or
1945-2040 or
Sat/Sun1000-1155 or
1215-1410 or
1430-1625 or
1645-1840 or
1900-2055 or

Please note that this schedule may vary on some dates, due to special events.

Each participant needs to bring just 1 thing:

A spare pair of spotlessly clean, rubber-soled trainers! These will only be worn on the ice, not during your journey to the rink, because a tiny speck of grit or dirt is enough to damage our playing surface and kick the 20kg curling stones wildly off target. Similarly, any moisture on your shoes will be extremely slippery on ice!

If you are concerned that you won’t have enough grip, we can lend you some pull-on rubber grippers that go over your shoes.

All other curling equipment is provided by us.   

What should we wear?

Warm thick socks, and layers of flexible clothing, maybe even a hat and gloves.

As curling can involve a lot of bending and stretching, you should avoid wearing anything that restricts movement or risks revealing more than you intend (eg: jeans, fitted trousers, skirts/dresses).

The booking process:

  1. Complete the form below or email us with the requested details –
  2. We will respond on a first come basis regarding our availability & suitable alternatives.
  3. Tell us which session you would like to book and confirm any other details.
  4. We will reserve your preferred session and issue your invoice, which must be paid within 14 days to confirm the booking.
  5. Enjoy your curling experience. If anyone in your group wants to do more curling, we have a variety of courses and clubs that would welcome new curlers. And of course your group is also very welcome to book again.

Why can’t we swap people on and off the ice to avoid booking an extra sheet of ice?

Your coach needs the first half of the session to teach all of your participants the various steps of how to play, before you spend the second half enjoying game play under the coach’s guidance.

It may be more expensive to book an extra sheet, especially for only 1 or 2 additional participants, however this does have the benefit of giving you another coach and another sheet of ice so that your participants can split into smaller groups and learn the basics much quicker before enjoy more time in authentic game play.

Can children under 8 participate?

Our insurance won’t cover anyone under 8. Even if you were willing to risk it, young children really struggle to move the 20kg curling stones, never mind get them even halfway down the ice. It’s far better to wait until they’re old enough and have the strength to participate properly. Gogar Park Young Curlers meet on Sunday mornings and is the perfect place for children to learn the sport.

Who can curl?

Anyone aged 8 years and older. Some members are still playing in their 90s!

Delivery sticks allow stones to be delivered from a wheelchair or from a standing position.

Coaching sessions, clubs, and competitions exist for all age groups and abilities.

What should I wear & bring?

The ice is freezing and the air temperate is only 7 degrees, so new curlers should wear warm socks and layers of clothing that provide a good range of movement, perhaps also a hat and gloves.

As well as the shoes you’ll wear while travelling to the rink, all participants must bring with them spotlessly clean rubber soled trainers for wearing on the ice.

All other equipment, such as brushes and stones, will be provided.

How do I do more curling?

We have various coaching options to help you develop your skills, a beginner club, and more than 80 other curling clubs here who would welcome new members. Browse our Find a Club page for more information about them.