Group Experiences

Curling is an ideal group activity. It suits a wide range of people of all ages and abilities, and we are open 7 days a week from early morning to late evening. Whether you are booking for a group of friends & family, a stag/hen party, a corporate day out, or other, we would love to offer you a unique experience.

We have plenty car parking, are easily accessed from both Edinburgh city centre and the airport, and can accommodate large groups in our clubroom or boardroom. Our restaurant can also be booked for meals before or after your session.

Our ice rink has seven sheets of ice (like lanes in a bowling alley), which are suitable for a maximum of eight people. All our Group Packages include the provision of a qualified coach, who will help you learn the basics of the sport and have you enjoying a full game experience in no time.

Under special circumstances, we can permit up to 10 people for a single-sheet booking, but anything more than 10 will require the booking of additional sheets of ice to accommodate participants in multiples of 8. Please contact the office for guidance.

If you are hoping to join us this season (September to early April), please download our Group Experience Guide (below) for more information, then download & complete our Booking Interest Form with information about your enquiry. Please return it by email so we can find suitable dates/times for your group, and help you get booked.


All prices are per sheet and include a coach.

Gold Package – £340 includes one session of curling with a certified coach, a 3-course meal and a drink from the bar! Extra meals can be added at £17.50 pp.

Silver Package – £285 includes one session of curling with a certified coach, soup and sandwich, and a drink from the bar. Extra meals can be added at £10.50.

Bronze Package – £240 includes one session of curling with a certified coach, bacon roll and coffee. Extra meals can be added at £4.50 pp.

Starter Package – £200 includes one, 2-hour session with a certified coach.

Our standard session times, subject to availability, are:

Monday- Wednesday:

9:45-11:45am / 12.05-14:05pm / 2:30-4:30pm / 5:30-7:15pm / 7:30-9:15pm / 9:30-11:15pm.


9:45-11:45am / 12.05-14:05pm / 3-5pm / 6-7:50pm / 8:10-10pm.


10-11:45am / 12-1:45pm / 2:15-4pm / 4:15-6pm / 6:30-8:15pm / 8:30-10:15pm.

Please note that this schedule may vary on some dates, due to special events.

What equipment do you need?

Please bring with you (carry – do not wear) a pair of spotlessly clean, rubber-soled trainers. These should only be worn once you get inside the ice rink. Any dirt or debris will not only make a mess of the ice, but it will also cause damage and affect the enjoyment of not only your group but of curlers playing later too. A tiny speck of salt or dirt may not seem like much, but believe it or not, it’s enough to kick our 20kg curling stones wildly off target! 

If you are concerned that your trainers won’t have enough grip, we can provide you with specially-designed grippers to put over your shoes.

Layers of warm, flexible, clothing should be worn, as the ice rink is a chilly place. Thick socks, a hat, and gloves may also be beneficial to you. We do not recommend wearing jeans, as they don’t always provide suitable freedom of movement.

All other equipment you will need is provided at the ice rink.