Monday Ladies Leagues

Played on Monday afternoons throughout the season, this currently consists of 2 leagues and 15 teams.

2020/21Not played (Covid-19 pandemic)
2019/20J FlorenceR AddinalM BarryM Kinnear
2018/19J FlorenceR AddinalM BarryM Kinnear
2017/18J FlorenceR AddinalM KinnearM Barry
2016/17J BainJ FlorenceM KinnearR Addinal
2015/16J BainJ FlorenceR AddinalM Kinnear
2014/15A LairdS NicolC EdingtonJ Lennie
2013/14M MulhollandI BridieL ScottK Abbott
2012/13A CockburnK DykesJ MurrayL McKay