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Telephone 0131 337 4242
Address 13A Riversdale Crescent, Edinburgh, EH12 5XN
Ice Rink Manager Aaron Forsythe
Ice Rink Assistant Manager Frazer Shaw
Admin Andy Macpherson
Shop Stuart Dodds
Ice Tech (PT) Jamie Rankin
Finance Kate Soulountsi
Catering (Parsley & Thyme Catering) Paul Thomson

Curl Edinburgh has plenty of free car parking, and is easily accessible via several bus routes as well as the tram. We are a short journey from both the airport to the west, and city centre to the east.

Trams run every 7 minutes between the airport and the city centre, with two stops (Balgreen and Murrayfield) both within a 15 minute walk of Curl Edinburgh.

Balgreen is on the airport side (west) of Curl Edinburgh.

If getting off the tram at Balgreen we recommend walking east down to Balgreen Road, using the pedestrian crossing then jinking left and following the residential street (Baird Drive) towards the rugby stadium. Near the end of Baird Drive simply zig-zag along the well-lit residential streets (Baird Grove, Saughtonhall Avenue, Riversdale Road, and Riversdale Crescent) until you reach our car park. While you can also take the pedestrian bridge across the Water of Leith and follow that path, please be aware that it has no streetlighting, so gets very dark at night.

Murrayfield is on the city side (east) of Curl Edinburgh, next to the famous rugby stadium.

If getting off the tram at Murrayfield please be aware that there is no access through the rugby grounds, so you have no choice but to follow public pavements and paths. From the tram stop we recommend turning right onto Roseburn Street and following the main road until you reach Roseburn Primary School and Screwfix. At this point turn left onto Roseburn Avenue, where you’ll soon come to the park, then turn right along Roseburn Crescent. A short distance later the road turns right onto Roseburn Place, but if you take the path on the left through the park you’ll have a scenic 5 minute walk to Curl Edinburgh.

Several buses stop on the main road, a very short walk from Curl Edinburgh.

From the west (Airport / Gyle / Corstorphine) it will stop opposite the big Chinese Consulate building. Use the pedestrian crossing across the main road to walk towards and then around their big building onto Riversdale Crescent. From here simply use the footbridge across the Water of Leith and follow the path/road into our car park

From the east (City Centre / Haymarket / Roseburn) it will stop opposite Murrayfield Parish Church, just after Kwik-Fit. Simply follow the pavement in the same direction as the bus until you reach Riversale Crescent on your left (with the big Chinese Consulate building across the road and The Murrayfield Hotel on your right).  Turn left onto Riversdale Crescent, take the footbridge across the Water of Leith, and then follow the path/road into our car park.

Curl Edinburgh, 13a Riversdale Crescent, Edinburgh, EH12 5XN (next door to the skating rink, Murrayfield Ice Arena). We have use of a large free car park, with two paid electric vehicle charging points.

Vehicular access is ONLY from the small bridge at the north end of Riversdale Crescent, opposite the last of the residential houses (number 14, postcode EH12 5QT). If driving from the south or east please be aware that your navigation system may try to lead you through the rugby grounds or parkland, which is impossible – in which case you will be better off navigating towards Corstorphine Road (in the north) or Balgreen Road (in the west) for accurate directions from there.

From Riversdale Crescent, near house number 14, go over the small bridge (be cautious of pedestrians, cyclists, and cats/dogs) and follow the road to the right into the car park.

While the car park is free for customer use most days of the year, please be aware that it is owned by the Scottish Rugby Union who do occasionally close it for their own large events at Murrayfield Stadium (eg: Autumn Tests, 6 Nations, live performances). The curling rink is usually closed on these big event days, so this should not affect our customers, but be aware that any vehicles not displaying a valid parking pass on such event days will get towed away.