About Us

Welcome to Curl Edinburgh, the home of Edinburgh Curling Club. Following extensive renovations during the summers of 2018 & 2019, we are are one of the most modern ice rinks in Scotland, with 7 sheets of ice dedicated to the sport of curling. You will find us in the shadow of Murrayfield Rugby Stadium, beside historic Murrayfield Ice Rink, in the heart of Scotland’s capital city, Edinburgh.

Edinburgh Curling Club

Purpose –

Edinburgh Curling Club (ECC) was set up to provide the following to members –

1. To promote the game of curling and any other kind of amusement, recreation, sport or entertainment.

2. To provide and maintain the club rooms and other facilities for the benefit of members and their guests.

3. To hold, arrange or promote curling matches and events. To contribute towards prizes, awards and distinctions.

Membership –

There are different types of membership – adult, junior/school, and honorary.

Honorary memberships are conferred in recognition of being a distinguished curler, or for services to the club or the game of curling.

Currently there are approx 1600 members of Edinburgh Curling Club.


It is the members of ECC who have provided the funds and the impetus to renew our curling facilities and they are entitled to expect anyone using the facilities on anything other than an occasional basis to join their club.

  • All Murrayfield curlers are required to be a member of Edinburgh Curling Club.
  • At the discretion of the management this can be waived (e.g. come and try sessions, taster sessions for potential new members, corporates and external competitions). Similarly visiting clubs, incoming tours and guests (i.e. those playing inter-club matches such as district medals or in bonspiels) will receive a warm welcome to Murrayfield but are not required to join ECC as this is a one-off.
  • If anyone wishes practice ice then they must be members of Edinburgh Curling Club.
  • To be eligible for the Murrayfield Curling Limited (MCL) Early Bird Discount all members of your club must have paid their ECC membership by October each year. Each club Membership Declaration Form must include anyone (playing or non-playing) who will be declared as a Club Member.
  • Anyone wishing to make use of Edinburgh Curling School (ECS) courses (e.g. Improvers Courses, Stick Delivery, Private Lesson, New Stones, etc) must have an ECC membership.
  • All members of ECC are entitled to discounts from the bar, shop and catering, when using their membership card.
  • Edinburgh Curling Club is a welcoming curling club and will always look to encourage growth in our membership.
  • Any curler who joins as a club member must join ECC and pay their £20 subscription. There is no pro-rata reduction mid-year for new starts.

Board of Directors –

The Board consist of eight members as follows:

PresidentJohn Hogarth
Vice PresidentSean Murphy
Past PresidentColin Baxter
TreasurerAlasdair Seftor
SecretaryMargaret Nicol
Operations DirectorPaul Stevenson
DirectorAbigail Brown
DirectorFrank Ross
DirectorEdith Butler

Murrayfield Curling Ltd

Purpose –

Murrayfield Curling Ltd exists to meet two related purposes –

1. To provide high quality curling facilities both on and off the ice to all curlers at Murrayfield. This is undertaken in the ice facility owned by the company, and by staff employed by the company.

2. The majority shareholder in the company is Edinburgh Curling Club Ltd. The minority shareholders are the Kerr and Neill families who own the adjacent Murrayfield Ice Rink.

Board of Directors –

The Board currently consists of four directors –

Chairman and Independent DirectorNorman Watt
nominated by Edinburgh Curling Club LtdPaul Stevenson
nominated by Edinburgh Curling Club LtdMichael Wood
Independent DirectorStewart Cobb
Company SecretaryJenny Barr


Scottish Curling

This is the trading name of the Royal Caledonian Curling Club (RCCC), established in 1838, which is the National Governing Body for Scotland’s traditional winter sport. With approximately 12,000 members in 600 local clubs, it is one of the largest governing bodies for sport in Scotland.

Scottish Curling works in 13 geographical Areas of the country, each of which are sub-divided into a number of Provinces. Four of those Provinces regularly use Murrayfield for curling: