Edinburgh Curling Club

Edinburgh Curling Club (ECC) is one of two companies with a controlling stake in the day-to-day running of Curl Edinburgh. ECC is responsible for promoting the sport, our curling events, and maintaining annual memberships, which help to develop the off-ice facilities for the benefit of members and their guests. Currently there are approx 1600 members of Edinburgh Curling Club.


It is the members of Edinburgh Curling Club who have provided the funds and the impetus to greatly refurbish our curling facility in recent years and they are entitled to expect anyone using the facilities for anything more than an occasional basis to join their club.

  • All curling club members playing at Curl Edinburgh are required to be a member of Edinburgh Curling Club.
  • At the discretion of management this can be waived (eg: public taster sessions, group experiences, and guests). Visiting clubs, external competitions, and incoming tours will receive a warm welcome and are not required to join ECC for their one-off visits.
  • All clubs must have paid the ECC membership fees on behalf of their members by 15th October each year. Each club’s Membership Declaration Form must include anyone (playing or non-playing) who will be using ECC facilities or wishes to maintain a vote at the AGM.
  • Edinburgh Curling Club is very welcoming to new members and will always look to encourage growth.
  • Anyone joining mid-season must still pay the full subscription as there is no pro-rata reduction (Adults £30, Juniors £5, Honorary free). Honorary memberships are conferred by ECC in recognition of being a distinguished curler or for services to the club/sport.

Read the Edinburgh Curling Club Articles of Association.


PresidentIan Keron
Vice PresidentPaul Davis
Past PresidentSean Murphy
TreasurerFrank Ross
SecretaryMargaret Nicol
DirectorKeith Wilson
DirectorJoan Simpson
DirectorNiall Gunn