Coaching Sessions

If you’re new to curling, please head to our Try Curling page!

Coaches are on the ice throughout the year to help you improve your skills. Find an option that’s right for you:

Stick Delivery Workshop

Use of a delivery stick can significantly extend the length of time a curler can play for enabling people to stay active in later years or help a curler return to the ice following surgery/injury. Hosted by experienced Edinburgh Curling School coaches, this workshop will provide an introduction to stick delivery, as well as guidance for improving your game for those already using a delivery stick. The course costs £10 per person.

Club Coaching

Are several members of your club looking for a bit of extra guidance? Then why not schedule a coaching session! Book your ice session yourself or through your Club Secretary, and ask for a coach to attend. Please request a coach at least two weeks in advance to avoid disappointment.

Individual Coaching

Private lessons for up to 4 people are available upon request. Please contact the office for details.