Under 21 Mixed Doubles

Having started in 1990 as an annual u17s Pairs event run by Edinburgh Curling School, in 2018/19 it evolved into an u21s Mixed Doubles event – the newest curling discipline in the Winter Olympics. Each year it is open to all abilities, with teams consisting of one female and one male player.

To see historic info and imagery, visit the retired Edinburgh Curling School u17s Facebook page.

The 2019/20 event was due to take place on 28/29 March 2020 but unfortunately had to be postponed due to Covid-19. Had all gone well, the prizes would have been:

WINNING SCOTTISH TEAM: We are delighted to be able to offer the winning Scottish team a space on the Nordic Junior Curling Tour (NJCT) Mixed Doubles event, in Stockholm (Sweden) from 22nd – 26th April 2019. The Matt Murdoch Curling Foundation (MMCF) will fund the entry fee, flights, and supply kit for the winning team members.

RUNNER-UP SCOTTISH TEAM: Will also be eligible for a space on the NJCT Mixed Doubles event, with the entry fee and flights funded by Scottish Curling.

INTERNATIONAL WINNING TEAMS: Should the prize winners be international, Edinburgh Curling School will provide an alternative prize.

Previous Winners

1990    Steve Still & Suzie Law

1991    James Dryburgh & Lucy Levack

1992    Ewan Byers & Jan Byers

1993    Craig Davidson & Jennifer Sloan

1994    David Murdoch & Kirsty Smith

1995    Gerard Grant & Michelle McGregor

1996    Gavin Fleming & Hazel Sloan

1997    David Edwards & Lorna Vevers

1998    Kenneth Edwards & Lindsay Wood

1999    Graeme Smith & Frances McKerrow

2000    Robert Hamilton & Katie Stevenson

2001    Andrew Gilbert & Nicola Munro

2002    Andrew Gilbert & Nicola Munro

2003    Robert Hamilton & Katie Stevenson

2004    James Dunn & Lauren Johnston

2005    Colin Dick & Vicki Adams

2006    Colin Dick & Vicki Adams

2007    Caitlin Barr & Graeme Black

2008    Jennifer Dodds & Michael Reid

2009    Stuart & Jennifer Marshall

2010    Robert Tait & Laura Ritchie

2011    Stuart Marshall & Katie Murray

2012    Bruce Mouat and Sophie Jackson

2013    David Baird and Naomi Brown

2014    Zack Stewart and Amy Bryce

2015    Amy Bryce and Angus Bryce

2016    Duncan McFadzean & Leeanne McKenzie

2017    Niall Ryder and Robyn Munro

2018 TBC

2019 Niall Ryder and Inca Maguire

2020 No event due to Covid-19