Find a Club: Merchiston Curling Club

About the Club Our age group (at the moment) is 40 and upwards, but all ages are welcome. Our games are competitive but in a friendly manner, consisting of internal club competitions, plus friendlies and Province League matches against other local clubs.

We are a small friendly club (20 – 25 members, full and reserve). The club has a long history since 1809. Any new members (male or female) experienced or beginners will be warmly welcomed into the club.

Now is the time to join, don’t wait until the season is about to start as club’s will have all their teams and ice organised by then, so don’t hesitate, get in touch now for more details.

New Membership You can join as either a reserve or a full playing member.
Social Events We have an annual AGM with dinner and prize-giving.
Times of Play Midweek evenings and Sunday evenings
Membership Information Mixed
Contact Archie Smith

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