NOTE (4 September 2021): With the Scottish Government continuing to relax Covid restrictions across the country, we are ever more excited about our reopening plans. Our new curling season will start from Monday 27 September, and we’ll be offering our members free practice over the weekend of 25/26 September (more details to follow). We’re aiming to reopen the online shop from early September.

2020/21 INFORMATION (YET TO BE UPDATED FOR OUR UPCOMING 2021/22 SEASON): This page will help explain how we were operating under COVID-19 restrictions as imposed by the Scottish Government. Note that the sport’s governing body, Scottish Curling, have their own general guidelines too, which can be adapted by ice rinks, so our document should be observed when curling in Edinburgh.

As soon as we have any updates, they will be posted to this page.

Note that our advice and guidance is superseded by that of the Scottish Government: You can find their latest general advice here.

Click below to download our latest document:

Curl Edinburgh’s Return To Curling Version 2 – Published 19 September 2020

Version 2 includes a Frequently Asked Questions page and Version Control table, as well as an update regarding the number of households being permitted to gather off-ice (which was recently reduced from 3 to 2):

Curl Edinburgh's Return To Curling video (23/9/20)

Tour of our new one-way entrance & exit


Click here to view our new scorecard, which will help both ourselves and your club keep a record of participant names, as required for Test & Protect purposes. Names should be written clearly before your game starts, so that staff can photograph the card during your game. We will keep a digital record for 3 weeks in line with Test & Protect requirements, and you keep the original card as normal.