Dirty curling stones

We cleaned our new curling stones ahead of the Under 21s this weekend, and were astonished by how dirty they were! So we’ve made this short video to highlight the issue.

These new stones have a rougher texture to the running band, which is in constant contact with the ice, and therefore gathers debris more easily than before. As the video shows, the biggest issue causing this mess is worn kippers. As well as gathering dust inside them, which gets transferred from the slider to the ice, worn kippers also shed bits of rubber. So please inspect your kipper:
If it’s dirty inside, give it a good clean out.
If the texture has worn, it should be replaced for improved grip.
And if there are tears or holes, you should replace it as a matter of urgency, for your own safety if nothing else.

We will continue to do all we can to keep the ice clean, but you can play a great help by keeping your kipper in top condition and replacing it when necessary.

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