Goldline Air Brush Pad


The Goldline Air pad only weighs 15 grams with a fabric over foam design.

The replacement of the pad is simple, pull on the tab and take the old pad off. You then click the new pad onto the Air Head.

Now comes with the same material as the Norway pad.

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The Goldline Air pad is designed to work with the Goldline Air head. The Air pad only weighs 15 grams making it one seventh of the conventional oval pads.

It’s simple design means it is easy to achieve optimal performance when using the head.

Goldline have used aerospace technology – honeycomb structure using newly developed materials to give strength but reduce weight. They are now designed to simply click onto the brush head, no need to tighten any screws. The material used on the air pad is now the same as the Goldline Norway pad so it can enhance your sweeping further.

The pad is very easy to replace, just pull the tab on the side of the pad and remove the old one. The new pad simply just clicks onto the head.

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