Goldline Momentum Dash Shoes


Silder and gripper attached to the shoe by Velcro.

Upgraded insole with enhanced arch support and additional padding for comfort.

Designed exterior providing great mobility and lateral support.

A lace cover is attached to the shoe to offer less drag on the ice.

Receive a free gripper when purchasing a new pair of shoes.

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The Momentum series boasts a unique velcro-based slider and gripper system, allowing curlers to customize their shoes to match their dominant hand and choose their preferred sliding disc speed.

Momentum shoes also feature an upgraded insole with enhanced arch support, providing exceptional comfort and reducing foot fatigue during even the most demanding games. The insole includes additional padding in the heel and at the ball of the foot, ensuring a more comfortable and secure fit. With this added cushioning, the Momentum shoes offer unparalleled comfort and support for every curler, regardless of their skill level or the length of their game.

Additionally, the strategically designed outsole provides both flexibility and lateral support, making these shoes excellent for both tuck and flat foot deliveries.

Momentum shoes have already been put to the test by the University of Alberta’s esteemed curling program, receiving rave reviews from head coach Rob Krepps who calls them the best shoes Goldline Curling has ever made. And it’s easy to see why! The Momentum shoes are fast, stable, and offer a consistently accurate slide, thanks to the innovative velcro-based system that allows for minor adjustments to the discs’ orientation to eliminate any drift or fade during your slide.


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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 43 × 32 × 20 cm


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