The South win 2015 Indoor Grand Match


Posted on Saturday, October 24, 2015 at 6:12pm

Indoor Grand Match 2015 Presentation

The South of Scotland were crowned winners of theAlan Steel Asset Management (ASAM) 2015 Indoor Grand Match (IGM) with a 2154-1928 shots result over the North after a full day of competition on Saturday 24th October.

The day got underway at 10am with seventeen ice rinks across Scotland hosting the 2,376 curlers competing at this year’s event. At Murrayfield, IGM HQ, the artillery unit at Redford Barracks signalled the start by firing Edinburgh Castle’s one o’ clock gun from the venue’s car park.

The morning session saw the South take a narrow lead of 65 shots over the North with the score 708 to 643. The first of the two afternoon sessions kicked off at 12:45pm with the South doubling their lead by the end with a total of 1430 shots to 1302. This was also an opportunity for employees of IGM sponsors Alan Steel Asset Management to take to the ice themselves in a challenge match with representatives of The Royal Caledonian Curling Club including President Billy Howat (scores from these games not counting in the official Indoor Grand Match totals).

The final session saw the South secure the Indoor Grand Match title for the fourth time in a row since the event’s inception in the year 2000, with a margin of 226 shots.







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