Currie & Balerno win The Swan Trophy

Currie & Balerno won the Swan Trophy, kindly sponsored by Graham Dairies, after a game of two halves with Mid Calder.  Rinks skipped by David Baird and Ian Keron for MC definately had the edge in the early stages.  It was in the 4th end of the D Baird v Kerry Clark game when Kerry scored a 3 leaving the score 4-3.  After that, C & B kept coming back with MC managing a 2 in the 7th end. Final score 8-6.  Much like the other sheet it was a big scoring 4 in the 6th end which sealed MC’s fate. Final score 6-4.  Aggregrate score Currie & Balerno 14, Mid Calder 10Swan Trophy 2017 001

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