Indoor Grand Match 2015


Turcan Connell are happy to be joining the nation-wide celebration of curling on 24 October 2015. Billed as the battle of North of Scotland versus South there can be few, if any, sports that generate the enthusiasm that gets over two thousand players all competing on the same day. That’s what this five-yearly event does, using seventeen venues from Inverness to Stranraer. For more information go to and click on Alan Steel Asset Management 2015 Indoor Grand Match.

The Central Hub for the day will be Edinburgh Curling Rink, and it will ring to the shouts for “sweep, sweep” and calls “just a draw” or “chap and lie”. After the last stone has come to rest and hands have been shaken, the day will continue with the social time which very much part of curling. Friendships will be made and renewed that will last at least until the next Indoor Grand Match. Mementoes and prizes for the games at Edinburgh, sponsored by Turcan Connell will go to a’ the airts and pairts o’ Scotland and prompt memories of a really good Curling Day!

We wish Good Luck to everyone on the day.

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