Invitation from the Ladies Centre

Dear Curler,

The Edinburgh/Murrayfield Centre of Ladies Curling Clubs invites all women curlers who are not currently members of the Ladies Centre to become members of the recently created Murrayfield Women’s Curling Club.

Here are some of the reasons you might like to join:

  • Play in Ladies Centre Competitions. Being a member of the Ladies Centre allows you to play in the Ladies Centre competitions:
    • The President’s Pitcher
    • Ladies Centre Bonspiel usually on a Friday at the end of November
    • Ladies Seniors Competition on Fridays at 12:05 from October – December
    • Fulton Salver usually on the first Monday in March
  • Representation at Scottish Curling (RCCC) Level – you have a voice.
    • The Murrayfield Ladies Centre President sits on the Scottish Curling Ladies Branch Committee, which has one representative from each ice rink in Scotland. The Ladies Branch committee deals with all matters related to Ladies Curling in Scotland. It also has representation on all Scottish Curling committees including the Board. Thus, being a member of Murrayfield Ladies Centre allows you, via the President, to influence Women’s Curling in Scotland.
    • It keeps you informed about current and future developments within curling both at a national and international level.
  • Join the Ladies Centre Reserve List.
    • Women on the Reserve List can be asked by other clubs to sub in club games (Tuesday – Friday at 09:45 or 12:05) at no cost.

The annual cost of membership will only be the subscription of the Murrayfield Ladies Centre, currently £5. If you are interested in becoming a member of Murrayfield Women’s Curling Club, and I hope you are, just email me ( to let me know.

With kind regards

Gillean Hoehnke
EMCLCC Secretary

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