Plans for reopening

Following the announcement from the First Minister yesterday (Tuesday 13 July) I wish to update you on our plans for reopening.

The announcement clears the way for us to open in line with arrangements which we have been planning for a number of weeks now.

The season will commence on Monday 27th September. However, we will be providing free practice ice on Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th September for those who wish to reacquaint themselves with the enjoyment of curling before the serious business of club curling commences.

We will continue to respect the risks of Covid and follow the plans and routines which were put in place at the beginning of last season in relation to the wearing of face masks, staggered start times, surface hygiene, increased ventilation, and circulation of members through the building.

Club secretaries will be contacted separately to provide their club ice requirements for the new season.

Having reviewed our financial position and without a clear picture on the level of uptake of ice for this season and the likely continuance of Covid costs in addition to the steady rise in operational costs, we have decided to increase the ice fees by 50 pence per person per session. We feel that this figure is prudent against a background of the generosity of individuals and clubs during this past season to support us during the Covid pandemic and the envisaged fund-raising efforts for the balcony development.


With our ice staff being taken off furlough / completing holidays and due to return to work in the coming days to implement our plans for the new season, I need to update you on a change that has occurred recently.

Scott Henderson who has completed well over 40 years in the curling world at all levels, has decided to retire.  Scott joined us in the summer of 2017, at a crucial time for us and was a key individual in progressing the developments at the ice rink, and as curlers we all benefited in terms of the quality of the ice from his vast experience. We wish him well with his retirement and we plan to mark the occasion during the early part of the season.

It is with great pleasure that I announce the appointment of Aaron Forsythe as the Ice Rink Manager at Curl Edinburgh. Aaron is well known to you all and he will be the first to recognise the benefit he has gained from working with Scott over the last four years. He will be ably supported by Frazer Shaw, Andy Macpherson, and Stuart Dodds on the ice, and Kirsty Galloway in the office.

On behalf of the Murrayfield Curling Ltd Board I wish you a safe and enjoyable return to the long awaited pleasures of curling.

Norman Watt
Murrayfield Curling Limited (trading as Curl Edinburgh)

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