An Invitation from Gogar Park Super Leagues

Some may be aware of the Gogar Park Super Leagues and some of you may already play in them. We are canvassing ECC members and clubs to see if there’s interest from new clubs or teams wanting to enter the leagues. This could be a great opportunity for smaller clubs struggling for numbers with internal league matches, clubs seeking more inter-club or team curling, or those who simply fancy the idea of regular competitive curling at a good level, mainly prime time evening ice with a drink or two afterwards.

There are two sets of super leagues: the mixed super leagues with two divisions and 15 teams and the open super league again with two divisions with a total of 20 teams. The open leagues are at a tipping point whereby we now have twelve teams in Division 2 which is too many to be ideal but just short of too few to spin up a third division. We would love to be in a position with a number of new team entries to create that third division and enhance the curling experience for all involved. In the open super leagues, teams can be any mix of male and female curlers and in the mixed, as you would expect, two male and two female who can play in any order. Play consists of a double round robin and generally works out as a game per fortnight.

Ice fees for a season tend to range between £160 and £200 per player depending on the number of teams in each league and the number of fixtures accordingly.

Although the open league is where we would most love to see new entries, we always welcome new teams to any of the leagues. If you’re interested, please drop me an email as soon as you can, but before Friday 15th March, to

Many thanks and regards,

Iain Dick

Super League Convenor, Gogar Park Curling Club

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