Wellness Weeks Welcome Curling to Local Schools

Graeme with students from Canal View Primary School

This spring, several local schools invited us to join their Wellness programmes. Wellness weeks introduce students to new activities and sports and are a great opportunity to bring curling out into the community.

Edinburgh Curling School coach Graeme Maguire ran sessions in one secondary and three primary schools. Each session started with a short 2-minute film covering the basics of the sport. After chatting with students and showing a few photos of local curlers in action, the kids headed to the mats. Students caught on very quickly and showed great enthusiasm.

Many of the sessions ran all day, with groups of 6-10 students trying out the sport for 20-minute blocks.

The ice had already melted, but luckily the New Age Kurling Kits work brilliantly on gym floors. They are an invaluable way to bring the game to the students in the off-season.

Students were peeking into the sessions, asking when they would get their turn to try. It was great to see their curiosity and eagerness to try the sport. Teachers noticed as well and were keen to explore the possibility of coming to the rink in the autumn when the ice is back.

“The children had a great time at curling,” said teacher Sue Russell of Canal View Primary School. “I think very few of them had any idea of what was involved beforehand so it has been brilliant for them to experience some new things.”

The schools visited included Canal View Primary School, Leith Walk Primary School, Blackhall Primary School, and Preston Lodge High School.

We’re looking forward to welcoming new young curlers this season! If you would like to enquire about school visits, please contact us.


Students at Preston Lodge High School try the New Age Kurling Kit and thank you notes from students at Canal View Primary School.

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